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Upcoming Events

  • Mental Health Awareness Series
    Multiple Dates
    Sun, May 22
    May 22, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM CDT
    Come and join our co-hosted series for the Month of May

About Me

With over 20 years as a Social Worker in education, Renita holds a Master's in Education, is a certified Parent Educator, Anger Management Specialist, and Professional Certified Life Coach. She is committed to clarifying how your thought patterns affect your responses—offering you a fine-tuned definition of self and confidence in your decisions and actions as you become a committed, consistent and intentional person: reclaiming "alignment" in your life.

Looking toward her retirement, Renita plans to go into coaching on a full-time basis. By connecting with her now you can take advantage of discounted services.


As the founder of the International Community Hope Project, LLC, her mission for ICHP is to be a committed partner with you as you shift your mindset, both personally and professionally, as you experience gaps in your life. Renita provides a non-judgemental, opinion-free, safe space where your voice will be heard and respected. 

 Renita is the master coach for Christian women and others who find themselves overwhelmed and losing sight of their goals and dreams. 

Ask Yourself

  • Have you ever felt that your faith has wavered?

  • Have you been hurt in your inner spirit, causing you to reassess your purpose? 

  • Are challenges in your household?: 

    • negative talk​

    • verbal abuse

    • financial instability

    • parenting

    • family connection

    • anger management

  • Are you doing all the right things as a grownup yet feeling uninspired?

  • Have you ever felt the goals you have set for yourself are becoming too hard to reach?

  • Are you finding little satisfaction in your daily accomplishments?

  • Are you struggling to find contentment turning to patterns in your life that are outside of who you are for gratification?

  • Are you settling for a life that you did not intend for yourself?

  • Has your frustration/anger become a problem for you personally and professionally?

The Benefits of Working with ICHP

With over 20 years of experience working with families and communities, Renita has a process designed to empower you and provide you with the necessary tools to meet your goals. 

Her services are not to dictate what you should do. She wants to give you the time and guidance you deserve. She is working with you to create and define your plan for success. If you seek to coach on an individual level or in a group setting, she will walk with you on this journey, so you are never alone.