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My Story

Hi Friends, 

My Name is Renita D Davis, and this is my story on how the International Community Hope Project LLC was formed. I named the organization after my mother, Bertha L Hope, who had a heart to serve and assist those in need. She always supported her children and made unknown sacrifices. Some I did not know about until my adult years. She was concerned about the elderly women in the church, and on Sundays, my mother would often slip money into their hands. Watching my mother's selfless acts toward the women at church and my great love and admiration for her, I decided and informed her that one day I would start a business in her honor that would embody her spirit of helping others.  June 2017, ICHP was formed. My mother passed away on January 3, 2021. 

"When you identify that there needs to be an adjustment in how you navigate the space you are in, you are taking an important step for change."

My Mission

Mission: to partner with people experiencing gaps in their life, provide clarity and guidance with goal setting, and promote a growth mindset personally and professionally.


It is my commitment to partner with you to provide; clarity and understanding of how your thought patterns affect your responses; acceptance of a fine-tuned definition of self, promoting in you greater confidence and self-acceptance in your decisions and actions as you move toward achieving your goals. You will experience self-actualized successes creating within you that person who is committed to making a shift in your life personally and professionally, activating change in your life and the lives of others.

At ICHP, I offer professional life coaching in a safe and opinion free space where your voice can be heard and respected. 

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