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My Story

In loving memory of Bertha L Hope, a compassionate woman who dedicated her life to serving and assisting those in need, I proudly share the story of the formation of the International Community Hope Project LLC (ICHP). As the daughter of Bertha, I was deeply inspired by her unwavering support for her children and her unspoken sacrifices that only became apparent to me in my adult years. Witnessing her selfless acts of kindness towards elderly women in our church, I developed a profound love and admiration for her. It was during those moments that I made a solemn promise to myself and to her – that one day, I would establish a business in her honor, one that would embody her spirit of helping others.

In June 2017, I fulfilled that promise as I took the first steps to bring the International Community Hope Project to life. Through this organization, I strive to continue her legacy of compassion and service to the global community. Sadly, on January 3, 2021, my beloved mother passed away, leaving behind an enduring inspiration that fuels my mission.

International Community Hope Project, is dedicated to uplifting and empowering those in need, just as Bertha did throughout her remarkable life.

"When you identify that there needs to be an adjustment in how you navigate the space you are in, you are taking an important step for change."

The Mission

At International Community Hope Project LLC, our mission is empowerment. When you find yourself trapped in social and environmental constructs. That foster a mindset of expected failure and lack, We meet you where you are and move you forward. We provide comprehensive support, guidance, and resource. Combining compassion, inclusivity, and collaboration to dismantle barriers. Unlock your potential, and cultivate a sense of hope. Our dedication brings expertise and innovation. A genuine passion for making a difference, ensuring the highest quality of service. As a resource, coaching and consulting agency, we advocate for social justice. Promote environmental sustainability, and measure successes by the lasting ripple effects created. Our goal is to create a world where you thrive. Together, we can shape a future filled with possibilities. Where adversity is overcome, and hope, success, and fulfillment flourish.

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