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A Measure of Gratitude:
31-Day Devotional

The deepest level of gratitude is the realization, acknowledgment, and acceptance of God's grace and mercy. Being grateful means showing our understanding of how worthy and deserving of love we are as we build our relationship with the Most High.


This 31-Day devotional is my attempt to get you to that place of gratitude, and this book emerged from my desire to share my journey of self-awakening and awareness with you. I created this Devotional to support and motivate others in their spiritual walk and assist them with their press to know God on such a personal level that His grace is always at the forefront of their minds.

When life's daily demands and pressures become overwhelming, it can be hard to remain grateful; use these pages to record your thoughts of gratitude and reflection. Then, spend time with God by reading, listening, and learning; you will find a potent dose of daily encouragement and inspiration that will comfort you and meet you where you are on your journey to Him.

Order my 31-Day Devotional, A Measure of Gratitude, for  $20.00 and receive an autographed copy. Enjoy!


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